What’s Your Waiting Story?

All of us wait for something or for someone! There are rare moments we succeed and there are many times we fail to grow while waiting. But we don’t lose hope because every day is a chance to wait with a purpose. Do you have one in particular you’d like to share?



stop beauty marketing

3 Rotten Schemes

My Window Shopping Story

I was having my window shopping at the mall when a smartly dressed guy approached me to try their new cream product. He’s very insistent that I followed him to their shop and tried the product on my face. Then he said a lot of things to lure me in buying… 

“You remind me of a beauty queen. You look like her.”

“You have a brilliant smile.” 

“The spots on your face will disappear after consistent use of our products.”

When I agreed to buy the cream, his “beauty marketing” was on again.

“You should buy the entire set, you’d have a supply for a year.” 

“The entire set is just like you having your own facial spa.” 

“Don’t you know that removing those spots on your face will cost much? But with our products, you don’t need to go to the dermatologist.” 

Then he kept acting as if we’re best friends, sharing interesting stories while “waving his wand” to grant the dream he wanted me to have ~a porcelain skin. 

He’s good, damn good that I bought the entire set! When I got home, out from his spell, I realized how much money I spent. It’s beyond from my usual budget of skincare products. That money could have been my 3-4 years of supply. It’s super expensive.

What made me buy a set? Because beauty marketing showed me I needed something to be beautiful, something was wrong with my skin, which I was naïve about. Why do we fall for it? 

3 reasons you fall for beauty products
you don't really need

1. You feel you’re not good enough. 

Haven’t you noticed that scammers victimized the most vulnerable ones? Same with marketing. They try to target our vulnerability. 

If you buy this product, those eye bags you’re worried about would go away.

If you buy this product, the marks on your face would disappear in two weeks. 

Buy the entire set or you’ll not see the effect. 

2. You feel you need the very thing they’re advertising. 

After being convinced you’re not good enough, then you feel the need to buy the product. But deep in your heart, you know you just need a moisturizer, but then you have self talk: 

It’s expensive, but I deserve some pampering. 

This is my gift to self for all the hard work. 

I don’t have a budget for it, but maybe I can get some money from my emergency fund. 

I don’t have money now, my credit card can pay for it. 

3. You feel you should be like everyone else.

Just to mention a few examples…

Skin Color 

When you go to Asian countries, you’ll see an endless line of whitening products, billboards, advertisements… all showing that having fairer skin is the best thing you can do to have a brighter future. And so you with a darker skin feel left out and try all whitening products you could get even take supplements like glutathione to make it happen. 

When you go to Western countries, it’s the other way around, tanning lotions everywhere. With most of them having a pale skin, they covet a sun-kissed skin tone with a glow. 

Body Type

You know you have a certain body type, but with advertisements of thin as the perfect body standard, you struggle and do everything to achieve that body. Many people have tried available products in the market without checking if it’s safe or not. Many have sacrificed their health just to be like everyone else. 

So it all starts from the way you see yourself. If you feel good and confident of who you are, it won’t be easy for them to get you. 

But we’re in a society where beauty marketing is everywhere with their rotten schemes. If we’re aware of them, we can prepare our own antidotes to shut them and have them running. 

3 Rotten Schemes

what you can do about it

Rotten Scheme #1 Flattery 

They say you’re beautiful! You look like so and so… 

Who likes to be called beautiful? Everyone!  Who likes to be compared to a celebrity, to a beauty queen? Even though we know it’s not true, hearing that we look like so and so, flatters us. So beauty marketing use flattery generously.

Antidote to Flattery: Know your own beauty 

Ladies, for beauty, know where you stand and accept the fact that some people are more beautiful or less beautiful than you. It’s not about comparing, but it’s the reality we all need to welcome. 

So when someone tries to flatter you, you’ll know if it’s sincere or with other intentions. Most of the time, just for you to buy their products. 

Also, if someone tries to give you an honest feedback on how you look, you’ll know if it’s something you can consider improving yourself or if it’s something you can ignore since it’s just their way to convince you that something is wrong with your face. 

Rotten Scheme #2 Promises 

Beauty industry is a billion dollar industry. They keep on producing products with too good to be true promises, and with their well-trained sellers, they can coax us in buying more. 

Antidote to Promises: Do your own research! 

Yes, this may take your time, but worth it. Instead of just relying on their sales pitch, check the following yourself: 

>>reviews from other customers (read all, I mean it!)

>>ingredients used in the products (especially if they insist that it’s organic/all natural)

>>background of the company (their line of products, their performance, any legal proceedings against them) 

Rotten Scheme #3 Best Friend Spell 

They can make you feel that they know what you need and what’s best for you. And they care a lot like you’re good old friends. XOXO!

They ask you personal questions and tell you stories based on your answers, as if they fully understand what you’re going through. They’re grateful that they’ve met a person like you, different from their other customers. 

But then the moment you swipe your card and purchase the product, that’s the end. They can now let go of their “best friend role”. 

Antidote to Best Friend Spell: You already have your own best friends 

If you think you don’t trust yourself shopping alone, bring your real best friends with you, someone you could talk to and challenge you before buying anything. 

Thesa and I usually go shopping together. Before buying something, she asks me a series of question that take out the spell: 

Do you need it? 

Is your budget enough for it? 

Do you really want it? 

What products do you really need?

There’s one thing you always need to put in mind: beauty industries are there to earn more. That’s their number one goal! Why suddenly we need to buy sets of products if in the first place it’s okay to have… 

1. Soap/Facial Wash – for washing your face 

2. Moisturizer – to keep your skin supple and not dry 

3. Sunblock – to protect you from harmful UV rays 

Beauty marketing insists on having: 

Facial Wash > Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Moisturizer > Sunblock 

…and the list could go on and on as they introduce more products: the Next Big Thing to make your face glowing, younger, and all the promises they could think of. 

If you have the money for it, then I’m not stopping you to have complete sets. But just reminding everyone that they want us to believe something is missing in us. That we need to buy this and that to make us feel complete, that their product is the answer to our misery.

There are exceptions, for people suffering from bad acne or other skin problems, they need special care, treatment and products. That’s a different story! 

But you, my friend, if you don’t have a budget for a complete set, stick to the basics and aim for a healthier lifestyle: 

more vegetables and fruits

more sleep 

more water 

less stress 

fast from time to time 

less sugar/dessert 

This list could also go on and on if you want to. 45 Tips to Live a Healthier Life

I guarantee you that healthier lifestyle will bring more benefits than the products they’re pushing you to buy. 


what makes you attractive?
inner beauty, a cliche?

While browsing YouTube videos, I came across Attractiveness. They have lots of advice on how to be attractive or what makes you attractive, all focusing on outer beauty. 

So is having inner beauty a cliche in becoming more attractive? 

I disagree. Inner beauty lasts while outer beauty fades. 


Taking care of our outer beauty is good because it makes a difference when we put a little makeup, have facial spa once in a while, buy fashion piece one at a time to spice up wardrobe, have manicure, hot oil treatment, and other girly stuff we do. There’s nothing wrong in improving our outer beauty. But the moment we consider it as the most important, it becomes a plagueThe 10 Plagues of (Egypt) the Heart – Outer Beauty 

So all the more focus on your inner beauty. People might be drawn to a beautiful face and body, but people want to stick around to a beautiful heart and soul.

And next time, beauty marketing tries to take you as a prey with their rotten schemes, remind yourself of the 3 Antidotes and your Inner Beauty Goals! 

by The WaitPower Lady

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