What’s Your Waiting Story?

All of us wait for something or for someone! There are rare moments we succeed and there are many times we fail to grow while waiting. But we don’t lose hope because every day is a chance to wait with a purpose. Do you have one in particular you’d like to share?



7 Basic Challenges in


With Fun

1. Challenge yourself to read the Bible from cover to cover.

Take the Bible seriously by reading it from cover to cover. It’s our way of knowing how God cares from the minutest details of our  lives to the big ones and even to things we thought God won’t even bother dealing with. If we’re not reading it, then we’re missing a lot. 

With the rise of false teachers and teachings worldwide, we can cling on the truth and promises of the Bible. If we’re not reading it, how can we stand firm? 

I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but I’ve not really read the Bible from cover to cover. It’s a struggle, so I’ve tried and persisted in reading one chapter at a time, one book at a time,  and realized it’s achievable. I’m still in the process, so I’m with you in this. 

Why cover to cover? Because as believers it’s our duty to seek God through His Words, to have that hunger to know Him intimately, “to eat every piece of it”. How can we do that if we only read a chapter or a verse that suits us? How can we grow if we only rely on preachings and devotionals?

If we aim to read the entire Bible, we’re up to a great journey of God’s revelations to us personally. 


2. Challenge yourself to make Bible Reading be your top priority and make it a part of your goals. 

Some people make it as their yearly challenge to finish reading the whole Bible. Pretty impressive! But if you’ve just started, don’t go all the way reading the whole Bible at once as your goal. You might have a “Bible burnout” and never be back on it.

Have it one step at a time. Narrow it down and have small victories to celebrate like after finishing the 4 Gospels, or the 13 Letters of Paul

You can also group your reading per theme like putting Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and James together as part of your Wisdom Bible Reading

Or you can jump from one book to another like if you want to focus on some women in the Bible, then read Ruth and Esther

You can even alternate your reading plan, one book from the New Testament for a week, then another book from the Old Testament next week. 

The point is, there are so many ways to make Bible reading be part of your goals. If Bible reading is your top priority, you’ll make ways to have its #1 spot in your life. 

Reading the Bible is a unique experience for each one, see what works for you, and prepare your heart for it. As long as you have consistency in doing it every day, it doesn’t matter what reading plan you will use or how much time you will take. So you have to keep trying, have trial and error. Listen to how your mind and heart respond. 

3. Challenge yourself to make Bible Reading an exciting and creative journey. ​

Mary Ann, a church volunteer, shared that every New Year, she’s excited to buy a new Bible. She said that she wanted her Bible to be new, so she could put fresh markings and notes. Now, she has gathered different versions of the Bible. Amazing! New challenge each year with a touch of creativity! 

Creativity can be...

collecting colorful markers as labels: orange for commands, neon for promises, pink for points to ponder. Or use any of your fave colors.

buying a bigger Bible to have all the spaces to write your reflections.

reading a Bible story and writing a 1-2-3 list of what you’ve learned. 

using sticky notes with drawings to remember verses.

reading the Bible while listening to its audio. 

journaling your thoughts about a story, a chapter, a verse.

making a verse as your prayer. 

putting lessons or verses on a flashcard or posting them on a wall. 

reading at least a chapter or reflecting on a verse first thing in the morning before holding your phone.

having a set of reminders. 

don’ts Reminders

Don’t get used to not reading your Bible. ⇒

Don’t give up when confused. ⇒

Don’t close your Bible when full of questions. ⇒

Don’t just stop when reading gets tough. ⇒

Don’t shelve your Bible when bored. ⇒

WHAT TO always do

Pray for spiritual hunger and thirst instead. 

Ask God for wisdom. 

Open yourself to Bible discussions and ask more questions.

Persist in reading and ask help from others. 

Do everything you can to make it interesting. 

4. Challenge yourself to memorize Bible verses intentionally.

One memory verse a day. One memory verse a week. A set of memory verses a month. 50-100 memory verses a year. Memorizing while jogging, queuing, doing chores, waiting for someone… It’s intentional! 

Memorize first those verses that speak to you for they come in handy when you’re uncertain, hurting, or when you’re happy, grateful, praising God. 

You can also start with short verses, and always review, recall until it sticks. Then, when ready, take it to the next level!  Memorize verses that you can use, and declare in sharing Jesus to others like salvation verses, prayer verses, temptation verses, healing verses, and as God may lead you. 

5. Challenge yourself to have an accountability partner.

Reading the Bible is a long process, and doing it alone makes it easy to miss your target.

 It’s hard at first, it will be a sure struggle.

 It helps if you share it with a friend, or a mentor about your Bible goals, and ask them to be your accountability partner. 

6. Challenge yourself to increase your Bible Reading commitment.  ​

I think most of us have made Bible reading or memorizing verses taken for granted, because we have “other important things to do”. 

It’s funny that we can read our textbooks with all the highlights to pass a subject, while our Bibles collect dust. 

At work, when we do a presentation, we can memorize it all, including where to pause, and even when to share a joke or a story.

 Guilty? I am. 

What if we have that same level of commitment in reading the Bible? Our spiritual growth will never be the same. Let’s seek God more and increase our commitment in reading His words. Then reading the Bible from cover to cover will not be impossible. 

7. Challenge yourself to take Bible reading as a source of your spiritual oxygen. ​

Sometimes  you feel Bible reading as boring, confusing and unrelated to what you’re going through. But let this verse comfort and assure you, 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

If Jesus is the same forever, so are His words. The Bible speaks to us in special ways regardless of time and place, so keep making it a part of your life. It’s your spiritual oxygen. You can’t breathe without it! 


May Psalm 86:11 be your prayer today. We can do this! 

Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness, give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. 

by The WaitPower Lady

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